Semenax for Your Wildest Orgasm

Some men are sometimes dissatisfied with their orgasm experience; feeling that they should have more impressive and massive loads of semen when they reach orgasm with their spouse during sex. Some others also think that they are still able to get more sexual pleasure than what they have already got. Due to that assumption and the dissatisfaction, Semenax comes to market place; letting those people to get what they want in their sex experiences; giving more than they have had.

In point of fact, the semen-load can be improved. This enables both man and the woman as the sex partner gain more satisfaction; permitting more pleasing orgasm to happen. If you have wished to turn up your volume of cum load in orgasm; or hoped to undergo blowing orgasm each time you have sex with your spouse through the huge loads; then Senemax will be the answer for your wish and hope.

Facts about Orgasm Load

Before talking about the formulation of Semenax Pills, you need to know more about the orgasm itself; regarding the muscles working when you got the orgasm. It has a relation with how Semenax will work on increasing the load along with the sexual pleasure you are going to get.

Scientifically, there are several muscles which contract in ‘orgasm time”, e.g. pubococcygeus muscle, perineum, ejaculatory ducts, anal sphincter, rectum, and the muscle around penis. The contraction of these muscles results in the ejaculation of the semen. They contract long and hard enough so that all available seminal fluid will be ejaculated. Once seminal fluid is out, then the orgasm is already over.

On the other hands, the sexual pleasure is often connected with how long you feel the orgasm. It means that the more seminal fluid you keep, more pleasure will be yours. The conclusion as well as the solution to get that more intense orgasm is that you have to increase the fluid volume; and this is what Semenax is trying to do with.

How does Semenax work to boost up your sexual satisfaction?

Semenax is specially designed formulation for ejaculate boosting. It supports male’s reproductive system; in correlation with semen production. Semenax will help you to produce more semen so that you can shoot bigger load in orgasm time.

By consuming Semenax, you can increase these following items:

  • seminal plasma (the juice holding the semen)
  • prostate gland fluid which makes up the 25% of the load
  • seminal vesicle fluid which will make your load up to 70%
  • bubourethal gland fluid for more condensed (like jelly) and thicker loads

To get significant result, you can consume Semenax for about 60 up to 90 days regularly. After that period, you will notice bigger ejaculation each time you get the orgasm. There is no other reason except the increasing sperm and semen to ejaculate. In such condition, you will automatically get more sexual enjoyment; even your partner will also get more.

Who needs Semenax?

Semenax is appropriate for men who want to satisfy their partner and/or get more happiness with their sex. In fact, semen production may decrease due to several factors, such as the high level of stress, genetics factor, ageing factor, the bad fitness, etc. Semenax will take over that problem by helping you increasing the seminal fluid for your ejaculation.

Therefore, if you (in any age) feel that your experience vital load decrease, choosing Semenax to bring back your normal load volume and even more will be great decision. Semenax will not only give you more fluid to ejaculate, but more happiness for both of you and your sex partner.

After the first seven days Semenax consumption, bigger load will be noticeable. This will get bigger during the first two or three weeks. However, for the best result, 60 up to 90 days Semenax consumption will be wonderful. Then, after 90 days pass by, you will need to regularly consume this formula, in order to maintain the existing load. Semenax functions like vitamin; you will get the effect as long as you take it.

You can give Semenax a try; 60 days trial will be given to you. If you do not get any positive result during that period, money back guarantee is already prepared.

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